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Professional Mandarin Chinese & English Teacher / Tutor  (Beijinger available in Hong Kong) for Group and Private Class 儿童及成人普通话&英文老师 Mandarin Chinese & English lessons for group and private teaching 小童及成人普通话&英文老师(北京人)-Native Chinese (Beijinger) with over 10 year teaching experience in different countries for individuals (Celebrities Stephanie 郑融,BOP天堂鸟组合,Anita 刘崔珈, 刘威煌,etc.), international schools (CDNIS, Victoria Shanghai Acadmy,Discovery College, YMCA and CAIS ), companies (e.g.UBS,HSBC,Barclays, NATIXIS HK, Unleash Entertainment HK,COFCO中粮 etc.), embassies, etc. is available for Mandarin Chinese & English lessons in group or private Personal Information: grew up in Beijing(native) & worked in Europe Teaching experience:  -group classes in Eeducation First, Clement Shield, Unleash Entertainment and Embassies in Beijing. - Teaching directors at UBS HK 瑞士银行香港,HSBC, Barclays, NATIXIS HK法国外贸银行, COFCO中粮 - Tutoring students from CDNIS and Victoria Shanghai Academy, Discovery College, YMCA and CAIS in Hk - Tutoring for Embassies in Beijing China for over 2 years - Training HK celebrities at Unleash Entertainment  -Tutoring one on one private lessons and small groups for over 10 years (quite a few individual students of mine have successfully passed new HSK 5.) - Tutoring students from International School in HK for 2 years - over 2 years for Amsterdam Chinese school in Holland(Aged 5-9 years old) 2年多在荷兰阿姆斯特丹中文学校教授小童普通话(5-9岁) - 1 year for Pure B.V. (firm) in Holland  - 2 years for Club Med Asia  - 1 year for Unleash Entertainment HK -Teaching Papa Johns’ VP for over 2 years in Beijing -Being private tutor for over 10 years - 2 years translation work at Papa johns MandarinLesson: specially designed for you (I am able to do Chinese PinYin, Chinese Characters, Chinese grammar, explanations for radical and partial, stroke order, business professional terms, TV interview , speech,  English translation, conversation, HSK preparation, etc. depending on individual needs. Over 10 years teaching various students, such as businessmen, children, adults, collage students, typical company employees and more, and my lessons also can cover Chinese business ( how to do business with Chinese businessmen in China), Chinese Culture, the different mentalities between Chinese and Westerners through my own experiences living in the different countries (that can help you understand Chinese business/sociality better), etc. I also offer editing/proofing services as well. Location: most places in Hong Kong / or anywhere you pick, make it more convenient to you. Available time: 7 days a week (morning hours, afternoon hours, evening hours are available)   If you feel interested in it, please contact me at or WhatsApp me on 6256 8886. The best investment in the future is to learn Chinese!


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