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Fast Track your world recognised Qualifications in English, Communication skills 

USA native English speaker Teachers (a couple, wife and husband)


Suitable for Primary school to highschool students and adult learners

Trinity college London

English Exams in:

Communication Skills

The exams are suitable for age 5+ kids to adults

Initial grade

Grade 1-8

Total: 9 grades, no written exams

Then can proceed to Diploma grades (with written exams)

Diploma grades (two levels: ATCL, LTCL)

After passing grade 8, will proceed to Diploma stage.

there are 2 levels in the Diploma stage

(1) ATCL

(2) LTCL

they have written exams

ATCL is Associate of Trinity College London

LTCL is License of Trinity College London

ATCL qualification is equivalent to uk university year one.

LTCL qualification is equivalent to uk university bachelor degree graduate.

many parents want to fast track their children's qualifications this way. Obtaining LTCL qualification during highschool is possible.

And it is possible to jump grades but not suggested as the whole 9 grades system is a well designed progressive curriculum to let students learn all aspects of communication skills. If you jump grades, you will just miss part of the knowledge

4 diets of exams each year.





Students need to visit trinity 's branch office to carry out the exams.

Students will use the computer there to zoom with the uk examiner

For inital to grade 8 exams, exam duration is 30-45 mins

We are American couples, we help you to prepare the exams and all the exam application procedures. We will make sure that you or your children will pass the exams with good results in the fastest but appropriate speed.

After each lesson, please pay by wechat pay. RMB400 per hour. You can deposit RMB to your wechat pay account in any RMB exchange shops. Then you can pay lesson fees instantly by wechat pay by pressing button in your WeChat.

Use Zoom for online real time lessons.

USA teachers are couples. You can use wechat to call them free of charge any time to talk with them directly regarding your needs or you can also send them wechat messages free of charge.



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